Olta Tuholi

Email: oltatuholi@gmail.com

Modalities: Psychoanalysis/Group Analysis

Languages: Albanian/English/Italian/German

Olta is a psychoanalyst under supervision from the Sigmund Freud Institution Vienna, Austria. She has a bachelor degree in psychology from the New York University in Tirana, Albania. The beginings of her psychotherapeutic career with patients date since 2012 at the universitarian clinic Sigmund Freud Ambulanz, continuing further with her private practice in Tirana. Currently she is enrolled as a group analyst at GAA in Tirana, a program of IGA, Institute of Group Analysis London.

Olta is the vice chair of the Albanian Association of Group Analysis, where she has been actively involved since its early beginings in the promotion and the implementation of this modality in Albania.

Currently Olta lives in Milan, Italy where except her engagment in a psychiatric hospital, she is following her studies in storytelling and creative writing at the professional school Mohole, believing in the power of these innovative techniques as useful instruments for the integration of trauma and emotional catharsis in patients.