Irena Shtraza


Modalities: Group Analysis

Languages: Albanian/English/Italian/Turkish


Irena graduated in 2002 in Guidance and Psychological Counseling from Bosphorous University, Istanbul, Turkey and in 2006 in ‘Interpersonal Relationships and Personality’, from the Clinical Psychology Department  of University of Padova, Italy. She pursued her post-graduate studies in ‘Family Interventions’, at the Clinical Psychology Department of University of Padua. During 2008-2015 she has been a lecturer at the Psychology Department of Albanian University, Tirana. During these years she has worked as a counselor/psychologist in her private practice.

Since 2007 she has worked in the civil society sector on women and chidren human rights issues. She is a trainer on gender equality issues and is author and co-author of publications on gender equality related topics, as well as in researches, women economic empowerment, violence against women, trafficking of girls and women and child rights related. She is a founding member of ‘Albanian Assotiation of Group Analysis’ and a Groupanalytic Psychotherapist in Supervision, by the London Institute of Group Analysis. Member of the Group Analytic Society International (GASi).