Rreth Nesh

“Group Analysis in Albania”, GAA is founded in April 2016.
Since 2016, GAA is a member organization of EGATIN (European Group Analytic Training Institutes).

The aim of Group Analysis in Albania is to promote and develop the discipline and the practice of Group Analysis, as well as the qualification in Group Analysis in Albania, through:
a. The coordination of the training program in Group Analysis in Albania.
b. The guarantee of the practice and training standards in group analysis according to the standards of European Group Analytic Training Institutes Network – EGATIN.

GAA Steering Committee:
Anxhela Gramo, Chair
Olta Tuholi, Vice-chair
Arela Carku, General Secretary
Arilda Dushaj, Membership Coordination
Mirela Bregu, Tresurer

Ethical Committee / GAA Honorary members
Mr. Robert Harris, M. Inst GA London
Mrs. Sue Einhorn, M. Inst GA London

Diploma in Group Analysis

Level One: Introductory weekend with Group Analysis

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Level Two: 1-Year Program in Group Analysis

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Level Three: The 4-year Clinical Qualification Program in Group Analysis

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Groupanalytic psychoterapy conducted by group analysts from UK.

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